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We are here to help with your farming liquid waste removal and disposal needs.

Effluent Sumps Pumping

Reliable and efficient we can take care of your sump waste. From pumping through disposal

Pond Draining

We can remove dairy slurry and effluent pond waste with ease using high capacity vacuum trucks

Effluent Saucer Pumping

Efficient removal of saucer effluent waste from dairy farms using large volume suction trucks

Effluent Paddock Spreading

Super fine Effluent Spreading. Feather light application, custom designed spray outlet. Less pasture damage, 2mm per hectare

Farm Liquid Waste Removal

From farm effluent sumps and dairy ponds/saucers to septic tanks, and holding tanks.

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Effluent Waste Removal

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Using Your Dairy Effluent Pumps and Sumps Effectively

If you own and manage a dairy farm operation, then you likely have some form of dairy effluent pumps in place. Most dairy farmers can save money and drive pasture health by using their dairy effluent for farming purposes. Of course, in some cases, effluent pumping and effluent disposal will be necessary. Whether you are seeking advice on how to executive effective effluent spreading or seeking assistant with pumping and disposing of effluent sumps, dairy ponds or saucers, Selwyn Liquid Waste can lend a hand.

Benefits of Effluent Spreading

One thing our business can do is help you implement dairy effluent systems that achieve super fine effluent spreading. Going too heavy with your application of effluent to pasture can cause damage while skipping it entirely can leave you reliant on more traditional (and more expensive) fertilisers. Here are the benefits of adopting our effluent spreading strategies:

  • Effluent acts as a fertiliser. Liquid waste in the form of dairy effluent can mimic many of the roles that fertiliser would typically play for pasture grass. It encourages growth by delivering key nutrients to the grass, including phosphate, potassium, sulphur, magnesium and calcium. In turn, you fertilise the grass that your dairy cows will then use for grazing. This ‘circle of life’ approach saves dairy farmers hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year in fertiliser costs.
  • We help you determine how much effluent to use. You won’t be able to use all your dairy effluent to fertilise pasture grass. The soil needs to be able to filter the effluent, extracting key nutrients and killing bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms. If you apply too much effluent, it can contaminate the soil rather than being filtered by it, which can damage your land and put your animals at risk. We use custom-designed spray outlets to ensure feather-light application.
  • It reduces frequency of effluent pumping. Even using a small amount of effluent to fertilise your pastures can cut down on how frequently you need to pump sumps, saucers or other effluent retention systems. When you do require effluent disposal, we also have a fleet of vacuum trucks that can pump out unwanted liquid waste.

SectionRelated Services We Provide to Dairy Effluent Pumps

In addition to providing effluent pumping services for sumps and saucers, and to our capabilities with effluent spreading, we also offer a range of other services related to dairy effluent management. These include:

  • Pond drainage. Many larger dairies have pond structures that hold dairy slurry and dairy effluent waste. Our high-capacity vacuum trucks can drain these liquid waste structures as well.
  • Septic or holding tank drainage. While we’re on the premises to drain sumps, saucers or holding ponds, we can also provide effluent pump drainage from other structures as well, including underground dairy waste holding tanks or more traditional septic tanks.
  • Liquid waste disposal. Figuring out the right way to dispose of liquid waste can be a massive hurdle for dairy farms. Rather than requiring you to navigate the environmental implications and legal compliance factors of effluent disposal, we haul the waste away and dispose of it for you.


About Selwyn Liquid Waste

Selwyn Liquid Waste was established 40 years ago as a family-owned liquid waste disposal company. We are still operating in that capacity today: still a small, family-owned business, and still providing the highest quality effluent disposal services around. If you need help with dairy effluent pumps or spreading of dairy effluent on pasture, we are only a phone call away. Contact us today to get started.

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