Making Liquid Waste Removal a Simpler Matter

Liquid waste removal is an essential yet challenging task, whether concerning sumps, gravity wells, or effluent ponds situated on dairy farms. Removing this waste is necessary to prevent problems from developing, but special equipment and the right experience is a necessity for a swift, safe experience. At Selwyn Liquid Waste, we have nearly three decades of experience to bring to the table for our clients. Not only are we fully equipped to handle challenging liquid waste disposal tasks on farms, but we’re also well-versed in handling (septic tank drainage), too. Consider when and why you might need to invest in our services, plus why we’re the right team for the task.

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We can also help with your septic tank waste needs

The Importance of Appropriate Liquid Waste Disposal

Draining a pond or clearing a sump might have practical purposes, but there is more to your choice in a service provider than merely the appropriate equipment. Ensuring adequate disposal of this waste is essential for other reasons as well. Those reasons include:

  • Avoid negatively affecting nearby sources of clean water, or unnecessarily affecting groundwater conditions. Liquid waste is a challenge because it can so easily blend with other sources, creating huge problems.
  • These liquids are often highly contaminated with biological agents and require the appropriate handling to avoid health and safety risks. Disposing of them via the proper channels is a necessity.
  • Left unchecked, liquid waste may spill over from holding ponds or wells and cause more extensive contamination that is more difficult to mitigate. Service now means avoiding emergencies later.

What You Can Expect from Selwyn Liquid Waste Regarding Waste Removal

Understanding the fundamental nature of safe and effective waste removal, it makes sense to select a service provider you can trust to work according to all relevant standards. Why should you choose Selwyn Liquid Waste to work on your property, be it pumping out ponds or removing sludge from a septic system? Using our service, you can anticipate:

  • Friendly, responsive service with clear answers to your inquiries and prompt response times. We don’t keep you waiting for weeks for a job to commence when you need it finished as soon as possible.
  • A team that respect your property. We choose our routes and manoeuvre our equipment with care to minimise the impact on the area. Our goal is always to have come and gone without leaving a trace.
  • Accountability. We create full reports of all the work we do, and we furnish our clients with written versions of these reports upon request. We think you should always maintain a record of the work you’ve ordered, and we stand by our efforts.

About Selwyn Liquid Waste

An independent and family-owned company with more than 26 years in business, we’re proud of providing this much-needed service on time and without a hassle. Want to schedule service for a time you won’t be home or on-site? We’re happy to help with convenient scheduling that matches the needs of your busy lifestyle. To find out more, visit our FAQ page. When you’re ready to bring us in for service, give us a ring.

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