Sumps, Ponds & Cesspit Servicing

We are here to help with your liquid waste removal and disposal needs.

Sump waste removal

We can remove all liquid waste from sumps including effluent sumps, discharge sumps, and storm water sumps

Cesspit waste

We can safely remove and dispose of all your cesspit and soak hole cleaning liquid waste

Pond pumping

With large capacity vacuum tanks we can easily pump any liquid waste from ponds

Drains and waste water

We can efficiently remove waste from truck and car wash down sumps, grey water tanks, and storm water sumps

Sumps, Ponds & Cesspits

With large capacity vacuum trucks we can quickly empty and dispose of your unwanted liquid waste. Whether that be sump, tank, pond, or cesspit waste. We can take care of the removal, cleaning  and safe disposal

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Restaurants & Taverns


Invest in Reliable Drainage Pumping for Sumps, Cesspits, Ponds and More

If your business has liquid waste that flows to sumps, cesspits, ponds, pools, trenches, or other drainage systems, then investing in regular, reliable drainage pumping is a must. You want to keep your facilities operating at full speed and avoid potential overflows and contamination. At Selwyn Liquid Waste, we regularly work with businesses that produce effluent waste, using our fleet of vacuum trucks to drain their drainage systems and haul away their liquid waste.

The Importance of Regular Drainage Pumping

Why is drainage pumping such an important practice for so many types of commercial and industrial operations? Here are a few of the reasons why having your sump or cesspit emptied regularly matter so much:

  • What goes in must go out. Where septic tank systems break down waste over time, the same isn’t true for many other types of liquid waste collection systems. With a sump, cesspit or retention pool, what goes in will need to come out — lest the liquid waste overflow. Working with our business for regular drainage pumping can help you avoid this outcome.
  • Liquid waste can be dangerous. An overflow of liquid effluent waste can damage your property. However, in some cases, even just breathing in the fumes from that waste can be dangerous. Having the waste hauled away and disposed of on a relatively frequent basis can protect you, your employees, your customers, your crops, your animals, and more.
  • Pollution from liquid waste has a broad reach. When we think of pollution, we typically picture plumes of exhaust in the air, spreading out and diffusing into the atmosphere and into the oxygen we breathe. Liquid waste pollution can have a similarly wide reach, with consequences that go way beyond your private property.

What You Can Expect from Selwyn Liquid Waste Regarding Drainage Pumping

When you choose Selwyn Liquid Waste as a partner for liquid waste disposal, here are a few of the things you can count on us bringing to the table:

  • Versatility. We handle every type of liquid waste management, from residential septic tanks to commercial and industrial systems such as sumps, cesspits, ponds and more. We have helped businesses from many different industries handle their liquid waste in a responsible manner, including farmers, vineyards, restaurants, campgrounds, car washes and more.
  • Speed and efficiency. With an experienced team and a fleet of large-capacity vacuum trucks, we can handle drainage projects in a quick, efficient and effective fashion.
  • Respect for your property. Many companies in the septic and sump drainage industry take an almost tunnel-vision approach to their work. They have the right equipment and do the actual drainage pumping well, but in doing so, they might drive their trucks all over a client’s lawn or tear up the landscaping around a home or business. We take care to leave your property as we found it, whether that means being more careful with our approach or repairing anything we damage.


About Selwyn Liquid Waste

We are a family business with more than 26 years of experience in liquid waste management. Contact us today to schedule a drainage of your sump, cesspit, pond or other drainage structure.

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