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We can help with your septic tank waste needs

Septic Tank Cleaning

We can clean out your septic tank waste in most cases between 30-60 minutes

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Convenient septic tank waste removal and disposal for all types of tanks - Partition, Single and multi-chamber septic tanks

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We service all types of septic tanks - remove and dispose of all liquid waste

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All septic tank waste removal and disposal meets health and safety requirements.

Septic Tank Servicing

We service both household and commercial septic tanks – cleaning, waste removal, and disposal.

If you need any advice or would like to book an septic tank inspection, clean, or removal. Please feel free to contacts us – 03 325 4257

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SectionSafeguard Your Property with Better Septic Tank Pumping

Periodic septic tank pumping is an essential service for keeping your plumbing in good working order, but sometimes the need for it arises much sooner than you anticipated. Whether you’re on track for a scheduled tank cleaning or there is an urgent issue affecting your home, Selwyn Liquid Waste is here to provide the services you require. An experienced operator with a high-powered sludge pump and vacuum trucks with ample capacity for pumping even large tanks, we’re an excellent choice for this critical maintenance. However, we choose to go one step further as your service provider, providing several key differences in your experience.

What Sets Selwyn Liquid Waste Apart in Septic Tank Cleaning?

What Sets Selwyn Liquid Waste Apart in Septic Tank Cleaning?

What are those differences, and how do they set us apart from other options you might choose for septic tank sludge disposal? We’ve all heard the horror stories of vacuum trucks destroying garden beds, ripping up lawns, and leaving a muddy mess behind after all is said and done. Here is what we do to provide a different and better service experience:

  • We work with care from start to finish. We navigate our way across your property to reach your septic tank without causing damage. When finished with our work, we restore your space to our high standards — you won’t even know a vacuum truck was there. We won’t let your hard work and time spent gardening go to waste.
  • We include thorough reporting as a part of our services at no additional cost to our clients. Particularly important for cases where we uncover potential damage or other issues, our reports give you concrete facts for taking the next steps.
  • We are a highly mobile and responsive business, and we never keep our clients waiting when an emergency arises. Especially when you have an emergency in which you cannot effectively use the toilets or drains in your home, we spring into action when our clients call for help.

Tips Regarding Your Next Septic Tank Clean Out

Knowing how to avoid an emergency with a septic system isn’t always easy — sometimes it seems like problems develop without warning. Staying on top of your cleaning schedule may help mitigate those issues. For your convenience, consider the following pointers we’ve created to make this process simpler:

  • Ensure you know how frequently you should have your tank cleaned. The typical period between cleaning is between three to five years. However, you may need our service sooner. For a more precise answer pertaining to your property, give us a call.
  • Regularly service the system that supports your septic tank system. Periodic maintenance is essential to support the regular functioning of your home’s waste setup, especially with aerated systems. If not maintained, the processes which continue the natural breakdown of the waste within your tank may cease to function.
  • Use biodegradable cleaning products when possible and properly dispose of cooking fats and oils, rather than throwing them down the drain. Both these substances may cause long-term problems in your septic system that ultimately lead to failure or a need for emergency service.


Why Should You Choose Selwyn Liquid Waste?

Whether you need a response as soon as possible or you’re happy to schedule septic tank sludge removal in advance, we respect your time and always respond promptly. By taking care to avoid damaging your property, going so far as to restore things as much as possible, we help protect your entire investment — not only your septic system. With the right equipment, a proven reputation, and a commitment to your satisfaction, Selwyn Liquid Waste is a valuable ally. Contact us for assistance today.

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